Thursday, November 27, 2008

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Last time we were at Disneyland, we had KINGPIN seats for the parade. My kids (and their adorable cousins) enjoyed the close view so much, including special attention from characters and even a hug from a beautiful princess! During the grand finale of the parade, the float that held the highest character royalty possible, Mickey and Minnie, paused for awhile directly in front of our seats. Then the most amazing thing happened! Minnie Mouse took a special interest in my little boy. For about three minutes (the longest three minutes of his life maybe), they exchanged a silent but loving interaction...
She waved at him; he shyly waved back. She blew him kisses; he smiled in pure flattery. When he would not return the kisses, she put her hands on her hips and tried to demand more attention. He loved EVERY second of it. Finally, as the parade resumed, she blew one last kiss, and he could not help but blow one back. She looked back in amazement and jumped up and down at her victory.
Now- I know that she probably has this kind of interaction every evening. How amazing to be able to make a child's... uh, LIFE, in just a couple of minutes! Well, Mase told me later in a small voice that she was now his "girlfriend". (Where do they get these titles so young?) I couldn't help but adore his enthusiasm.
The next night we were not planning on watching the parade. However, we saw it from afar and ran to catch the last bit. This time we did not have great seats; in fact we did not have ANY seats. We stood in the distance as the Minnie and Mickey float approached. I glanced at Mase and could see the eagerness on his face. Before I could warn him that she may not see him from so far away, he yelled, "MINNIE!" My heart stopped as I prepared for a heart-broken four-year-old. Again, "MINNIE!!!" I started to say something and then I watched in slow-motion as she turned our way.
Her gloved hand waved through the air and looked in our general direction. A wave of quiet relief washed over his face. "She heard me mom!" Yes... she did babe. How I loved Minnie at this moment! (:
I am writing this little story in the hotel across from Disneyland. Tomorrow we will go there and he cannot WAIT for all the excitement of being with his grandparents, seeing his cousins, going on the rides... But this morning he pulled me aside and said, "Minnie will be happy to see me."
Pray for us...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The exhausting events called Halloween

Yep, SO exhausting, in fact, that it took three weeks to even get around to posting about it! (: By the time October 31st actually arrived, I was SO over Halloween. Here is a summary of the many things we did to celebrate this usually satisfying holiday.

See pics in last post. An AWESOME annual party at a friend's house. I'd like to say we had the best costumes, but you should've seen some of the others. My personal favorites were a couple dressed as Juno and Bleaker. Didn't really enjoy sitting across the room from the shiny gold shorts that were scandalously short (on the male of course) but they fit the part PERFECTLY!

The pumpkin patch. Kids had fun. Parents enjoyed watching.

Went on a hayride...

Tried to play ringtoss, but someone kept taking all of the rings for vain purposes...

CAUGHT red (but beautifully adorned) handed!!

Trunk or Treat. This event was what I considered the real Halloween this year. This is where they got most of their candy and actually kept their costumes on.

Sharkboy and Lavagirl get together for the evening-

I love this one of Ava and her friend comparing costumes...

It always amazes me that they collect ALL kinds of candy and eat a few pieces and then I hide it away when we get home and they never ask for it again. Out of sight, out of mind, I guess...

Halloween carnival at preschool. I actually have adorable pictures of this, but they are not on my computer, and what the heck do people do with hard copies of photos anymore (when they do not have a scanner)? I actually dressed up as a witch on this day because the kids really wanted me to. Helping at their school was really fun and they had a blast.
That night, we had event #4...

Trick-or-Treating at work. I invited some kids I knew as well as kids from church to come visit the assisted living home where I work to trick-or-treat. I know most of the kids were nervous, but I helped "the grandmas", as I affectionately call them, to dress up in witch hats we made to make everyone feel a little more festive and comfortable.

By this time, I was tired from my head to my feet (princess shoes and witch shoes are not made for comfort). And we hadn't even hit Halloween night!

So needless to say, event #5 was a bust for the smaller, more easily fatigued member of our family.
One more trunk or treat and a FUN party at a friend's house.
Ava slept through the trunk or treat, so we only stayed for 10 minutes. When we got to our other party, she was VERY tired and grumpy, so Ro ended up taking her home and Mase and I stayed out late to party some more. Edna and Chris sure can throw a party! Hot dogs and hamburgers in the driveway, complete with a Halloween movie projected onto the garage and LOTS of friends in costume. So awesome!
We did actually trick-or-treat down a couple of streets and it was hard keeping this wild group together.

More to come on Hall reunion fun, family pictures, and upcoming events... I just KNOW you are on the edge of your seat with anticipation...