Sunday, August 26, 2007

A new kind of blogging...

So, I realized I am just a picture blogger. Some people have blogs that decribe their daily tasks, some with profound thoughts, and some that are based on cute pictures of their kids. Yeah, that last one is me. And maybe I won't change this (and maybe you don't care) but every once in awhile, I think I should be some real feelings into this... even if it's just so my kids can laugh at me when they read my printed copy of the blog later down the road.
When this thought occured to me, I realized I have not a single entry about the one person who really makes me think (and makes me happy) on here... Here's to you, my cute husband!

10 Reasons why I am the Luckiest Girl in the World!
1. He waited around for me to realize that he was THE ONE. This one freaks me out, to be honest. What if he wouldn't have? What if he would've listened to me all of those times I told him that we were just going to be friends and he needed to find someone else? The virtue I am trying to describe here is PATIENCE. He has it, and I need it. He's a golden example when it comes to this one.
2. He can do ANYTHING. My family has a joke about Ro that there is nothing he can't do. My brother was saying to me, "Can he play the piano?" CHECK! "Can he dance?" CHECK! "Can he play sports?" CHECK! "Well, can he freaking JUGGLE?" CHECK!!!! The talents are endless and the humility is still there. Except I still kick his butt at Scrabble, every time but once.
3. The Dad-ness. This one doesn't need much of an explanation. Just see the picture above. And try to picture the smiles and screams that come out of our two kids when he comes home from work!
4. The spontaneity. One of the first things that attracted me to Ro was his up-for-anything attitude. I love the look on his face and the way he shrugs his shoulders and says "Sure!" when you suggest something a little off-the-wall, like a weekend trip to San Diego. He is SO MUCH FUN!
5. His love of sports. Now, some of you may question me on this one... but I love that masculinity and how excited he gets when watching the last couple of minutes of a basketball game. The thing about Ro is, he could watch sports all day... but he doesn't. If we want to watch Grey's Anatomy together, then he will just Tivo the game and watch it later. Like right now he is in Phoenix, enjoying his birthday present of hanging with the boys for the fantasy football draft. He has had a blast and now he can't wait to come home to us. Just a perfect balance, ya know?
6. His Devotion. It is simple. He is devoted to his faith and he is devoted to our family.
7. Just hanging out. From pretty much the DAY we met, we decided we like each other's company and wanted to hang out ALL THE TIME. I would be going somewhere with my roomies and I always asked if Roland could go with us. They somehow knew when I didn't that we would end up together. There was a time when I was having serious car issues. Roland woke up early every day and came to my apartment to take me to work. We had so much fun jamming out to the Mamas and the Papas in his Tahoe at 7 am. When I finally bought a new car, and we STILL carpooled, my mom said she knew he was in the family forever. (: I just love spending time with the guy!
8. SPOILED. This word is in reference to me, not him. He never misses a chance to make me happy. If I want ice cream after the kids are in bed, guess who goes to the store? If they cry in the night and I pretend I am still asleep, guess who goes to get them? If I just need to relax, guess who draws me a bubble bath? Now I know I am running the risk of making myself sound like a spoiled brat, but I guess that's what I am sometimes. And he still loves me...
9. He works hard for us. Life with young kids is a struggle to have enough money, but I appreciate his positive attitude and hard work SO MUCH! We have been thrown a few curve balls (like the awesome mortgage industry right now!) but he is always finding new ways to make it and doing DJ gigs that he really doesn't think are fun anymore. (: Thanks, DJ RORO!
10. We have the same hopes and dreams. Most of them involve a nice home (mine), nice cars (his), and family, family, family! We think about traveling with our kids, his parents, my family... it's priceless to want the same things. If you can look past the cliche, we really do want to grow old together. I am so fortunate to have found this person and I hope he feels fortunate to have found me.
Enough mush for you? Well, it will probably be awhile til I write another book like this... For now, I am excited to go pick up my man from the airport and hear about his fantasy football team! (And then to get a little foot rub later while we watch our shows together...)
Tell me... why do you appreciate YOUR person? (:

Friday, August 10, 2007

The things these guys will laugh at! (Over and over again...)

Silly new game my kids play with me in the car:
Ava: "Mama!"
Nat: "Yes, baby?"
Ava: "laknfklewhioleauliksn,nmfejkhosflsn lakj feklnasi alskfhes sinky"
Nat: "What! You're STINKY???"
Ridiculous laughter from the backseat...
Ava: "Mama!"
Nat: "Yes, baby?"
Ava: "slkfhekma siflahnenw aine slsienslai ttialeennkk binky"
Nat: "What! You want your BINKY???"
Loud guffaw from Mase and more ridiculous laughter...
And you can imagine this goes on until we pull into the garage. But I love it for two reasons:
1. It's amazing that she gets the concept that this is a silly game.
2. The way they look at each other when it's time to crack up.
We love these munchkins!