Friday, February 15, 2008


Just so you know, the post below this just appeared on my blog today. He did not write that in a letter just to have me post it for the world. I didn't even know he knew the password of our family blog, but I guess my secrets are not too hard to figure out. (: And I'm going to keep it on there so my kids can see one day just how much their daddy loved me. MAYBE he'll still like me by the time the kids decide to read this old blog. Love you, too, Ro!

What I see...

In this life, you happen upon one person who will determine how you shape the rest of your existence. A person so important to you that there are no words to describe what life would be like if you didn't have them. A person with whom you dream. A person who makes those dreams a reality. Someone in which your heart is so intertwined that feelings occur simultaneously in both of you. A person who challenges you and makes you great. A person whose own happiness comes in knowing that you are happy.

Let me tell you "What I see..."

"What I see when I look across the table from me,
is a person so great, greater than I could ever be.
What I see when I hold your sweet hand,
is a lifetime of conquests beyond what we can understand.
What I see when you smile with the greatest of ease,
is the way your eyes light up and your heart gives me its keys.
What I see when I look into your heart is the best,
I see me and our family and no other guests.
What I see is a heart that is pure and true,
One that screams in quiet tones, I Love You!
What I see when I feel your breath on my face,
is a future without limits in Mase and Ava Grace.
What I see when I look at these words that I write,
This statement is true and could not be more right...
You are...
Wonderful First, Mom Second"

I know everyday seems like you are a Mom first, and everything else seems to take a back seat. I wanted to let you know how I really feel about you and how important you are to me. I have the greatest person in the universe as my best friend. Do you know what kind of a special thing that is? It's amazing!! I love you and am so blessed to share my life with you. Thank you.

Love, Roland

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Can snoring be cured?
Blame it on the strep throat he is getting over if you want, but the snoring keeps getting WORSE at our house. Before you start feeling sympathy for the sick guy, think about this for a second. You finally get the kids in bed, hang out for awhile with your husband, think about the jillions of things you need to do the next day, and immediately feel tired. Before you can relax, you know it's coming. You dread it. You know you will be awake just listening to it. The anxiety that "the snoring" has blessed me with has become worse than the actual snoring. I try to be a nice wife and gently touch his arm and tell him to roll over. But after a few times and still no sleep, I get a little more forceful. Nothing would rememdy the snoring last night. All I could do was think up ways to vent about his snoring (through our blog) just to bug him. (: I informed him about it today and he just started laughing. I still love the man, but come on! (: Any suggestions to save my sanity and get my much-needed beauty sleep?

Friday, February 08, 2008

The pooping fashionista and the ladies man

Today was an eventful day at our house. So eventful, in fact, that the kids got new nicknames out of it. These nicknames change from day to day (and include things like Mr. Out-of-control, Miss Whiney, Skater Boy, Princess Perfect, etc) but today it was the Pooping Fashionista and the Ladies Man. Ladies (man) first...
I went to pick up Mase from preschool today and his teacher told me a funny story. Three girls from the five-year-old class had come up to her all giggly and asked her about "the new boy with the spiky hair". They said "he's so cute!" And then she said they found excuses to walk by the class and whispered to each other, while giggling and staring at him. Two things- 1. When did FIVE YEAR OLD girls start liking THREE YEAR OLD boys? 2. Are restraining orders allowed in preschool? (:
Ava gained her nickname by going poop in the potty for the first time. She had such a shocked look on her face when she looked in and saw her creation. (: I asked her if she wanted a treat and she said, "No. Want to wear coat!" She inherited a cute pink jacket with a fur collar from her cousin and it hasn't been cold enough to wear it. So we put it on and she was in heaven, repeating "kitty coat!" over and over. Then she walked to the potty and said, "Poopy potty, wear kitty coat!" Ever heard of a kid forgoing stickers and M&M's for a new wardrobe?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A freebie!

I could not resist posting this situation that happened at my job. To refresh your memory, I do recreation at two small assisted living homes. During a meeting on Tuesday, my boss told this TRUE story about when she first opened the facility. Ocassionally, some confused (or uninhibited) resident would escape from their room with their birthday suit on. Well one day, TWO ladies happened to forget their clothes at the same time. A man down the hall had his door open and caught a glimpse of the scene in the hallway and said, "I didn't even have to PAY for this!!!" My job is very rewarding in many ways...


At 20 months of age, I thought she'd have more hair. At 20 months of age, I thought she'd be talking LESS (little chatterbox!). At 20 months of age, I thought FOR SURE she would be done with her binky. I guess I wasn't trying hard enough to take it away, but I just still think of my little baldy as such a baby. This sort of happened out of convenience. Or lack thereof. We were driving home from Jana's house one night and the kids were TIRED. Ava fell asleep in the car with her purple binky in her mouth. See exhibit A.

When we arrived home, it was raining and we were in a rush to get the kids in the house. The binky never made it inside. Now I know for a fact that we have purchased about 57 binkies for this kid. However, when she cried at 2AM, there were NONE to be found. (It turned out later that my mom found a big stash of them in a basket Aves had been playing with.) So we decided right then and there that she was done. No more binkies. Surprisingly, it wasn't very hard at all. She asked for it 2 or 3 times after that night, but we never gave in. We combed the house and made sure to find all of the other binks before she could, and believe me, there were TOO many. Anyway, she has been clean for almost 2 weeks and we are not going back. I just think it's comical that I have pictures documenting the very LAST time she used her pacifier and then after it dropped out of her tired little mouth. See exhibit B.