Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy Home

I really never thought I would end up back here. And even more than that, I never imagined I would be so HAPPY to be back here. I guess there is something in your heart that really remembers "home". Good old Yuma is not exactly the same place (it has grown exponentially) but it is still home to me. When we left Portland, I thought we would all miss the trees, the water, the GREEN... we miss Karen and her family terribly, but we have found a renewed love for the desert. My kids are so funny when we go outside. Ava is constantly sharing her feelings: "Tree! Tree!" and "Moon!" and "Wow!" and "Pretty!" And Mason feels the same. "Mom, look how much you can see the sky and the birds here. I was scared of the trees in Portland." I actually feared I would never hear the word "Tree" from Ava again, but I guess I didn't remember all of the green that we have here. Slightly different, but still beautiful. (:
I recently got sucked into the "Twilight" series that everyone else seems to be reading. The main character has moved from Arizona to Washington. I found myself laughing out loud when she described how much she misses the "white-blue sky" and just the sheer volume of the sky. She complained about the looming gray clouds and the wet weather and longed for the dry heat and distant mountains... I cannot say I have ever lived in a more beautiful place than Portland, and I am sure we will take many vacations there to see the family we were so sad to leave. But I extremely grateful to have taken that leap and moved there... otherwise, I would never have been so happy to be home.