Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What an OG! (Original Gansta, for those of you who don't speak Roland)

I used to find it hard to picture him as a teenager, but even though he is only three, somehow I can see what he'll look like... Hopefully, he stops flashing the gang signs! (:

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Princess Party

Ava got her first official birthday party invitation last week. The birthday girl is actually a friend of Mason's, but he was not invited to the special "princess party". Good thing because it was the most feminine party I've ever been to. From the outfits (see below), to the activities (fashion show & make-up), to the gift bags (little purses with girly prizes inside), it was so funny! Ava was the youngest girl there and she enjoyed the big fuss everyone made over her.

Wow! Look at that beautiful baby!
"Ba-oooooo!" (Translation: Gimme that dang balloon!)

Hangin' with Princess Caroline (the birthday girl)

This cake was adorable, and all made of cupcakes!

Aves had to get naked to taste the cupcake,
but then all she wanted to eat were the pearls I let her borrow.

I hope for many more princess parties to come!
And some pirate and monster truck parties to balance it all out...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Oregon Adventurers

The kids have been spoiled rotten by their grandparents during the last two weeks. (It's their job, right?) We loved it! From special treats to new toys to trips to the zoo and the beach, they got it! It was very fun and here are a few photos to show how much fun we all had...

This is a cool bridge in Astoria that takes you across the ocean to Washington. The town's claim to fame is that it is where The Goonies was filmed.

Then we drove back down the coast to the beach in Seaside. Of course, I must include one of Mason's "I can't stop running when I'm outside!" shots. Doesn't he look so happy?

Aves loved the beach and especially the sand. First she crawled in it...

Then she tested out some of her fairly new walking skills...

Then she could not resist just busting out some sweet break-dancing moves!

He was even enthusiastic about the car rides.

I was enthusiastic about beating the boys in a Go-Kart race!

This ain't T-ball, boys!

Mase relaxed in the grass at the zoo.

Just trying to see the polar bears.