Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Our little Ava turned one on Saturday! It's weird how it can seem like you JUST had your baby yesterday, yet you also feel like you have had them forever. We love this little angel so much! We went to Arizona for Memorial Day, and Ava got to have two little birthday parties. She was so happy with her "babies" (All of her dollies are named "Daydee" because that is how she says baby.) and her My Little Pony and other girly gifts. Anyway, we had a blast in AZ and we can't wait to go back to visit again. When you ask her how old she is, she already has the cute "hold one finger up and smile" thing down... Our little genius.

Our little "very messy" genius!
Mase couldn't be left out of the chocolate fun...
She sucked this milk down so hard after all of that cake.

Two girls loving the Arizona sunshine!
Beep Beep!
Who is more excited for the party? The parents or the baby? (Okay, maybe just me...
Ro looks a little tired from all that golfing in the sun.)
Gotta love this little man!
She could not stop laughing on this carousel.
Mase would keep Uncle Jon with him 24/7 if he could...

Monday, May 21, 2007

80's PARTY!!!

We have been planning and planning for our first "big bash" and now it's over... It was a blast and totally worth all we put into it! The party had an 80's/90's theme, but it turns out the 80's was way more fun because almost ALL of our decor and music was from that decade. (And people mostly dressed 80's, except for a few grungers.) Anyway, here are a few photos, but the party was way more exciting than these pictures actually look. We dusted off DJ Roro's equipment and added some sweet karaoke (think Pat Benatar and the B-52's). We made Mason's room into the "Blacklight Lounge" and gave out awards and party favors, like 80's/90's mix CD's (guess we should've done tapes but we wanted to be more functional) and Pop Rocks and Bazooka Gum. The turnout was about 35 people. A lot of food was eaten, songs were sung, and backs were broken doing backspins and the kickworm on my living room floor. It was awesome! Now if I could only finish cleaning up this mess....

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Rockaway Beach Getaway

Anyone that has more than one child knows that dividing your time between them can sometimes be a struggle. Although I really don't think Mase has a jealous bone in his body, I wanted him to be able to have some time alone with me where Ava was not around. So we planned for Mase and two of his cousins to take a weekend trip to Rockaway Beach with just the mommies. Mason, Lauren, and Laney had a blast together and the sisters got some fun R&R at an adorable little beach house as well. (Okay, so you can't call it total R&R when there are still kids involved, but at least we had no babies to take care of...)

I guess this is their signature pose, but all we can catch is the back of these two when they are together!
Mase in front of Twin Rocks.
The babies stayed home with Ro and had some great bonding time. They are both very happy and easy-going babies. He deserves a medal for staying home all weekend with TWO babies. (Luckily, it happened to be the NFL Draft, so he got a little bonding time in with the television, too... Thanks, babe!)Best friends in the making.
Once again, our hooded hoodlums always busy together.
The three cute cousins with matching Rockaway hoodies.
Mase and his girls.