Monday, January 03, 2011


What can I say besides we have truly been blessed. We live a simple life. Our small town doesn't have anything fancy, but it seems we don't need all of that extra distraction. We have enough of that in the chaos of three kids. :) 2010 was full of happiness, stress, laughter, messes, family, LAUNDRY, growth, more LAUNDRY and lots of love. Since I hope to blog once a month during 2011, here is our year in review from the things I missed.

JANUARY- Two squishy cousins meet.

FEBRUARY- Date night. Sushi plus our favorite tag-a-long.

MARCH- Being at the Happiest Place on Earth apparently causes simultaneous mood changes.

APRIL- The LONGEST Easter egg hunt in history. (Notice the last egg in this picture that they could NOT find. Forever.)

MAY- Fat baby in a little tub.

And a Spongebob party to remember.

JUNE- Swimming lessons and sun-kissed kids.

Bonding with baby.

JULY- Fourth of July in Beaver. With the people we love. Paradise.

Family picnics just cause we felt like exploring. Gosh I LOVE July. The business is closed and we just get to PLAY.

More playing.

Camping with Grandma and Grandad. Making incredible memories every year.

AUGUST- Two kids start school. And one mom starts an adventure of her own in our new preschool. Love it. Especially the extra time I get to spend with my girl before kindergarten.

My perfect angels. Okay, rarely perfect, ALWAYS angels. :)

SEPTEMBER- Ballet. Her favorite thing ever.

Fantasy Football draft cake pops. The boys didn't even notice them of course. :) But they must've given Ro good luck because he won again for the fourth time. I can brag FOR him, right?

Mason discovered the camera.

OCTOBER- And she's off! Life changes as we have a new explorer on our hands.

Little Bo Peep, her adorable sheep, and some intense army dude make an appearance.

And my girl fell in love with a pumpkin...

NOVEMBER- Ro enjoys this moving target for the Nerf gun. JK. We are not THAT cruel.

Lu is not fond of her first carousel ride.

December- I can't believe she is already one.

The Christmas card we totally meant to send.

Little people told Santa how good they were this year...

Turns out they WERE pretty good. (Mase has just noticed the full-sized basketball hoop in the living room Christmas morning.)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May the next year be blessed with less laundry and lots of time to blog. :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010


My girl turned four. Leaving three behind in a mess of krabby patty wrappers and jellyfish still hanging from our ceiling (more on that later), she is SO proud of her new age.

Insane Spongebob party pictures coming, but for now... sisterly love.
Aren't sisters great? I need to give a shout-out to my five amazing ladies and tell them it's been TOO long since there has been a girls trip!!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Seems like overnight

The comments have changed from "she's SO tiny!" and "oh, I LOVE the newborn stage!" to--
"Look at those THIGHS!" and "She's not missing any meals, is she..."

Baby Lu is:

Smitten (with Ava and Mase)
Anxious (about new faces)
Obsessed (with ME!)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Top Twenty

Our Top Twenty pictures of the last 3 months--
(Or, in other words, a quick way for a busy mom to redeem herself from slacking on posts for a LONG time!)


Fun times at Goofy's Kitchen.


Mission beach. Too cold for swimming, but the sand was fun for HOURS!


The cousin club.


Squishy perfection!


Best ride on Splash Mountain! This one makes me cry... miss you Kare!!!


Ro made a FABULOUS Valentine's dinner. Seriously. Fabulous.




My favorite boy turned SIX! I cannot freakin believe it. He is huge and I am old.


The kids tolerated my green dinner for St. Patrick's Day. After convincing them all green food doesn't taste like brussel sprouts, they actually enjoyed it.


A princess at Disneyland.

Wait- I mean TWO princesses at Disneyland. (:


Cousin time with Pax!


This funky hand-me-down nightdress is ALL she wants to wear. We call her Cindy Lou Who when she has it on. See the similarities?


Our beautiful baby was given a beautiful blessing in a beautiful dress made by her beautiful grandma. :)


Cindy Lou Who channeling Anakin Skywalker dressed as a cat complete with a sword AND a lightsaber.


The face of a kid who was FINALLY tall enough to ride Indiana Jones.


A cute daddy protecting his girl from the scary fireworks.


The loves of my life.


Best kids on the planet.


The smiliest baby we have had yet. LOVE this baby!


No words necessary.

Honorable Mention:

Lu in her "grandma outfit". Love the knee-highs and gown? (: We could not stop cracking up at her that night.