Monday, September 25, 2006

Recording History...

So, I grabbed the camera today to take a few shots of Ava as she was doing a great job with tummy time. After I uploaded them, I had to take a second look after I noticed a small, bare leg in several shots. You see, he is finally potty-trained but that often means running around in just his skivvies (if we're lucky). Some pictures are better with some hidden amusement in them, right?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Utah- Fun in the... RAIN???

We just got home from a fun little vacation to Salt Lake City. It was awesome to hang out with Jeff, Linz, and Lauren one more time before they have their new baby girl. I know these pictures look all sunny but the day after we got there the weather shifted and it was mostly cold and rainy. We still had fun, though... you can see the kids had a BLAST together (as usual) and Jeff and Ava really bonded. It's funny how even after a few months apart, Mase and Lauren never seem to miss a beat and continue with their wonderful bestfriendship! We hope it's the same for Aves and her new little cousin.


Any of my silly college friends (or brothers and sisters) could vouch for my love of "the tapeface". It gets me a little hysterical to see somebody's face completely change after the application of a little scotch tape. These two were the perfect unsuspecting victims and I absolutely adore their little pig noses. Mase and Laney cracked up at themselves after looking in the mirror, too. A good time was had by all (including me and Kare who just about died laughing when Laney was helplessly drooling because she couldn't shut her mouth).

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Miss Sunshine

What a happy birthday surprise for Ro to be able to play with our little wiggler on her changing table this morning and have her give him THIS reaction. She really smiles when he gives her lots of kisses. And I know, she looks too small to be in that exersaucer thing, but the girl LOVES to stand up... So she got a little exercise today by herself. It was a fun break for our arms as well as an exciting thing to watch. I honestly didn't think I could possibly get as excited about my second baby's "firsts" as I did with Mase, but I was so wrong... She makes us smile and laugh and be SO thankful for our babies every day!!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

My little cake-making helper!

I always thought it would be fun to have somebody to "lick the beater" like I used to when I was a kid. I don't know who had more fun (or who ate more batter), Mase or me. Anyway, the finished product was a beautiful chocolate birthday cake for Daddy, complete with confetti, bowling pins, and the LONGEST candles I've ever seen. He was so happy to pick all of the decor at the store... In Mason's words, we had a "super blast!"

What are YOU looking at???

A little James Dean, don't ya think?

My little angels (at least they LOOK like angels...)

I had a little photo session with these guys today to get some good shots to give Ro for a birthday present. It was difficult, needless to say, with one who wants to run all the time and the other who LOVES to be held, but here's what we came up with...