Friday, February 27, 2009

Bragging rights

My favorite little guy turned five last week, so I thought I'd record my five FAVORITE things about him right now. I'm sure they will have changed by next year- this is MASE at FIVE--

1. FUN The boy loves to play and I admire the way he jumps into situations with both feet to have a good time.

2. LOVING He is so loving toward Ava, us, his grandparents... He would never miss an opportunity to give me a hug and a kiss.

3. INDEPENDENT I have to admit that I struggle with this one. It is hard to love a quality that makes your strong-willed child want to do something opposite than you want him to. However, I can see that this will be a benefit to him in the future. He has never been one to cry when I drop him off somewhere- he is excited for the new adventure of life!

4. HILARIOUS Gotta love his sense of humor! He keeps us (and his little sister) laughing constantly.

5. INTELLIGENCE Just yesterday we sat down together and did a whole workbook of counting and adding and writing numbers. And he loves to go to the library and check out non-fiction books... especially about sports so he can bond with his dad. This is an exciting time to see him pick up new concepts.

I LOVE my boy. He does present his fair share of challenges (mostly the strong-willed and stubborn issues... don't know where he gets that from :) but we are figuring out ways around those. Like letting him ride his scooter in the house to release some of that energy! The excess of tile in our new house is serving Mase well. (:

Here is a photo from Grandma's house that sums up my kids personalities and relationship. Are we supposed to remove these during prayer, like hats? Oops!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Too much information

SOMEBODY in our bed last night said,

"Your farts are my favorite."

*My mom read this, and she assumed it was Mason's quote... I must admit this was only an adult conversation.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bow special

We have some new products on our hairbow blog and we are running a little special. If you place an order and you add our "button" (above logo) to your personal blog, you will receive a free mini bow with your order. Just email us at with your order and leave your blog address.
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Check out our new crochet beanies and loopy flower headbands- our girls look adorable and yours will too! (:

p.s. Plus, for anyone who may live anywhere near our little town, we are having a "bow party" on Feb. 19th at my house with some fun giveaways and a lot of cute products! Just leave a comment if you want to come.

Monday, February 09, 2009


Mase came out of his room holding his new drawing. I told him it was good and asked if it meant "No girls allowed".
He looked at me with an irritated expression and said "No AVAs allowed!"
(Oh, I should have KNOWN... the normal girls he draws have a few strands of flowing hair coming off that round head- this one is bald...)

Thursday, February 05, 2009

My Top Ten

Top 10 Reasons I LOVE living in a small town:

1. We rarely fill up the gas tank.

2. Nothing to do means more time to spend with these guys.

3. SIMPLE, SIMPLE, SIMPLE... need I say more?

4. Well I will anyway. Ro comes home for two hours in the morning and for another hour at lunch because we are so close to work and traffic is nonexistent.

5. You get to see weird things like THIS on the corner:

6. Speaking of "the corner", it is a BIG DEAL here... The Eagles put this town on the map! The "standin on the corner" part of town goes a little overboard, but you can bet I will be taking you there if you ever come to visit us!

7. Road trips are a necessity!

8. The lack of good restaurants means we eat at home more.

9. Houses are unique and there are really no cookie cutters.

10. There IS such thing as a free lunch! (At the Rootbeer Stand of course...)

I could actually go on and on, but I will leave it at that. Then I will have to be inspired to create more when I get sick of looking at the same brown dirt and need some new reasons to be happy. No, this is not a beautiful place or an exciting place, but I am AMAZED at how much it feels like home.