Friday, April 25, 2008

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bedtime at the Hancock House

I want to document our current bedtime routine so we can remember how it was when our kids were 4 and almost 2. It's actually fun for all of us, especially if it is successful and the kids are content in their beds.
After brushing the kids' teeth, we all run to the red couches in the living room. The sofa is the "boys couch" and the loveseat is the "girls couch". (There may be some evidence that most of the routine was created by Mase...) The boys first pick a song and sing it to us. Tonight it was the Shrek song by Smashmouth, but we have our favorites. Then the girls sing one. Tonight it was Little Bunny Foo Foo, but Aves usually requests "God song" (I Am A Child of God). Then we all sing one together. Then we all go to the boys couch and kneel for family prayer, usually said by Mason. Immediately following prayer, we march down the hallway to their rooms singing the first verse of "The Ants go Marching..." I take Ava in her room with whatever stuffed animal has been her favorite that day, and Ro takes Mase in with Mickey and tells him a story. Some days these are the best 15 minutes of the whole day. I'm sure pretty soon our routine will be different, but they grow up so fast that I wanted to document some of the small things so we don't forget. Goodnight!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Playing Catch-up

Since I've been a slacker on the updating of the blog, I am attempting to redeem myself with posting a lot of pictures from the last couple of months. Here's what we've been up to:

Mase turned 4 and had a double birthday party with Renelle's son Nile. It was a very fun superhero party where the kids got to choose their own superhero capes and logo. After the jumping castle, pinata, pizza and batman and spiderman cupcakes, everyone was happily exhausted.

I could hardly get a picture of Mason. He never took this Batman cape off, never stopped running, and never stopped laughing. (Shen, I have better pictures for you that I'll send in an email... they are on the other computer.)

We went on another road trip to California and the kids got bored in the car:

We had a fun Easter Sunday...

Aves went with me to the nursing home to have an Easter Barbecue with the old ladies... so I dressed her (and her dolly) like one. (:

We went to the fair. Not just any fair, mind you, the YUMA COUNTY FAIR! Gotta love it!

Mase missed the last episode of "What NOT to Wear" and made some interesting clothing choices...

Ava did some lounging...

Ro and I booked our trip to Hawaii for July...

And last, but not least, I bought a swimsuit and started a diet... (: (No, these are not my legs... I'd have to do a lot more than diet to look good in my swimsuit if they were!)