Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's really not so bad...

In fact, it's pretty great! I am so surprised at how much we actually like it here. The people are really nice, we love our house, and the kids are having SO much fun with their grandparents! It's easier to enjoy the simple things in life when not feeling distracted by things a big city has to offer (shopping, fun things to do, all that terrible stuff...) Soon I will post pictures of our house and some of the funny quirks in the town of Winslow.
For now, I want to put a plug in for one thing I've been up to. Since Ava has been nearly bald for 2 1/2 years now, I finally decided to stop spending money on bows and just make some for myself! My friend Lani showed me how and we have decided to start a business together. Check out our blog (needs lots of work, but it's a start) at
We make small bows, big bows, flower headbands, crochet beanies, small funky barrettes... all things girly! There is a store in Winslow that is allowing us to display our fanciness, but we also will sell online. Thanks for checking us out!