Friday, May 21, 2010

Seems like overnight

The comments have changed from "she's SO tiny!" and "oh, I LOVE the newborn stage!" to--
"Look at those THIGHS!" and "She's not missing any meals, is she..."

Baby Lu is:

Smitten (with Ava and Mase)
Anxious (about new faces)
Obsessed (with ME!)


Crystal said...

Nat, I think I've asked you this before, but where do you shop for your kids' clothes? Cuz they're always so freaking cute.

Crystal said...

PS Your kids themselves are also cute.

Corie Green said...

yes I would have to agree Lu is ALL of those things, especially perfect! =D

Kimmy said...

Oh my goodness- she is just so gorgeous!

Jamie said...

So I just caught up on your blog. Those 20 pictures were fantastic. Got me teary-eyed too. Miss you like crazzzzzy! Can we all meet in Flag this summer? PLEASE!

Joe & Ren said...

She is so Cute!! Nice work!!

The Moss Family said...

I haven't seen you in a while! Oh, my goodness she's grown!! And of course she is all those things. :)

alison said...

So darn cute, I just want to hold that sweet little bundle of joy!