Monday, January 03, 2011


What can I say besides we have truly been blessed. We live a simple life. Our small town doesn't have anything fancy, but it seems we don't need all of that extra distraction. We have enough of that in the chaos of three kids. :) 2010 was full of happiness, stress, laughter, messes, family, LAUNDRY, growth, more LAUNDRY and lots of love. Since I hope to blog once a month during 2011, here is our year in review from the things I missed.

JANUARY- Two squishy cousins meet.

FEBRUARY- Date night. Sushi plus our favorite tag-a-long.

MARCH- Being at the Happiest Place on Earth apparently causes simultaneous mood changes.

APRIL- The LONGEST Easter egg hunt in history. (Notice the last egg in this picture that they could NOT find. Forever.)

MAY- Fat baby in a little tub.

And a Spongebob party to remember.

JUNE- Swimming lessons and sun-kissed kids.

Bonding with baby.

JULY- Fourth of July in Beaver. With the people we love. Paradise.

Family picnics just cause we felt like exploring. Gosh I LOVE July. The business is closed and we just get to PLAY.

More playing.

Camping with Grandma and Grandad. Making incredible memories every year.

AUGUST- Two kids start school. And one mom starts an adventure of her own in our new preschool. Love it. Especially the extra time I get to spend with my girl before kindergarten.

My perfect angels. Okay, rarely perfect, ALWAYS angels. :)

SEPTEMBER- Ballet. Her favorite thing ever.

Fantasy Football draft cake pops. The boys didn't even notice them of course. :) But they must've given Ro good luck because he won again for the fourth time. I can brag FOR him, right?

Mason discovered the camera.

OCTOBER- And she's off! Life changes as we have a new explorer on our hands.

Little Bo Peep, her adorable sheep, and some intense army dude make an appearance.

And my girl fell in love with a pumpkin...

NOVEMBER- Ro enjoys this moving target for the Nerf gun. JK. We are not THAT cruel.

Lu is not fond of her first carousel ride.

December- I can't believe she is already one.

The Christmas card we totally meant to send.

Little people told Santa how good they were this year...

Turns out they WERE pretty good. (Mase has just noticed the full-sized basketball hoop in the living room Christmas morning.)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May the next year be blessed with less laundry and lots of time to blog. :)


AudyCamp said...

You are still as cute as ever Natalie! Loved seeing all the pics of you & your kiddies. :)

{kim} said...

Dude, where the heck is the egg?? It's driving me crazy that I can't find it. Cute post!

Nat said...

Kim- Why can't you find it? Are you blind? JK, it's hard to see unless the picture is huge. It's on the doorknob. :)

mmg said...

Today it lets me leave messages. I love them all and you all. Mase's picture on Christmas morning is awesome. Would like to have been there.

Joe & Ren said...

Way cute!! Loved it!!

Kristal said...

ok, that was fun. But this year, just do it every month. Your family is adorable, and I'm sad that we live 20 minutes apart and NEVER hang out. We've gotta get our kids together sometime. Um, and are you growing Mason's hair out? You should. I LOVE having Jaden's long again...and finally he does too. We cut Bossy's, but he's better short for now. Um, and Lucy is adorable. I love her little lamb costume. Fun stuff!

Lopez-kids said...

Good luck on that laundry thing! Lol! So cute Natalie! Your family is beautiful! So glad you are all healthy and happy! Hope 2011 is a great one!

Tina said...

I'm sad the egg was already mentioned in the comments, because I found it before I read the comments! Just so you know...

I just love your cute family:)

KandK said...

I love your update!!!

alison said...

Aww I love this post and Kimmy I couldn't find the egg either. Your kids are so sweet and cute adn all that good stuff and you are as gorgeous as ever!

hapi said...

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