Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Any of my silly college friends (or brothers and sisters) could vouch for my love of "the tapeface". It gets me a little hysterical to see somebody's face completely change after the application of a little scotch tape. These two were the perfect unsuspecting victims and I absolutely adore their little pig noses. Mase and Laney cracked up at themselves after looking in the mirror, too. A good time was had by all (including me and Kare who just about died laughing when Laney was helplessly drooling because she couldn't shut her mouth).


Courtney said...

OH my gosh Natalie! Who knew "tape face" would never die!!! I love it!

shirtgirls said...
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Jamie said...

Didn't we name one of our guy friends "tape face"? Or was that "butt man", or maybe it was the same guy? Anyways, too cute. I can't wait for Ava and Trey to meet and start their courtship. When?