Saturday, September 02, 2006

Miss Sunshine

What a happy birthday surprise for Ro to be able to play with our little wiggler on her changing table this morning and have her give him THIS reaction. She really smiles when he gives her lots of kisses. And I know, she looks too small to be in that exersaucer thing, but the girl LOVES to stand up... So she got a little exercise today by herself. It was a fun break for our arms as well as an exciting thing to watch. I honestly didn't think I could possibly get as excited about my second baby's "firsts" as I did with Mase, but I was so wrong... She makes us smile and laugh and be SO thankful for our babies every day!!!

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ThePainterClan said...

She's perfect Nat. Don't you just love watching Roland adore his baby girl? Girl's love their daddy's!
I'm still hoping for a girl with my next one...but that prob won't be for about 5 years.