Friday, May 29, 2009


Our little Aves turned three years old last week. (She puts up her chubby little fingers and says, "I'm FREE now!"
We celebrated with the ultimate girly party. Fancy Nancy theme with 11 little girls dressed up in every fancy thing they could find. Ava kept saying, "I sure hope they like pink and purple!"

Here are the top 10 things we love about our little princess.

1. How much she adores our cat (and all animals). Cleo gets chased around all day but she is patient and makes Ava erupt in giggles constantly.
2. Her little budding attitude and stubborn ways.

3. The way she enjoys being glamorous and getting fancy.
4. The love and friendship she has with her brother.

5. Her new curls. (Yes, I know this one is a stretch but look at the picture below compared to the one above and see the progress!)

6. That she is EXTREMELY girly but still can have a blast playing with all boys and collecting rocks.
7. The way her voice sounds when she apologizes. And she says it over and over again... "Sorrrry. Sorrrry mom. I'm sorrry."
8. Her tiny feet.
9. How hyper and delirious she gets right before bedtime.
10. The way she strokes her lip with her finger when she is tired.

LOVE this girl and I am so thankful for her every day!


Kare said...

She is so adorable! We love you and miss you so much! Check out if you want to see just how much you are loved. :-)

The Brewers said...

I can't wait for her and Deni to play together! Deni has a tutu like Ava's that she wants to bring to AZ with will take up the whole suitcase! Happy BDay to her!

Kimmy said...

I LOVE her CURLS! Can she get any cuter?
Happy #Free Birthday to Ava! Looks like quite the fancy party!

Tina said...

How cute! Your pictures turned out so beautiful and colorful. I remember doing huge parties like that! I cannot believe she is three.

Hey, I liked our "chat" yesterday :)

Lisa Hall said...

seeing these pictures kinda makes me want a girl now! Girls are so much fun! We miss you guys! Tell the birthday girl her Aunt Wisa and Uncle Jon say hi!

LeAnn Moss said...

We're bummed we missed out on your 80's party!!! Next time though. I hope you took pics, i would love to see what people dressed in!!!!