Thursday, August 28, 2008


A couple of weeks ago, we decided to jam pack a Saturday with lots of events for the young cousins who live here. The bowling alley was a fun place to start, and the kids had so much fun together and really got into the game. Then they all went with (brave) Roland to get food and play at our house while the moms got to have a sisters' lunch at Olive Garden. Soon Tina and Jana took Mase with their kids to see the new Star Wars movie, which inspired a lot of lightsaber action at our house this week! (: Needless to say, all of the kids were pleasantly exhausted by the day's end. These bowling pics are mainly for the proud Grandma of all of these little guys:

The REAL reason I posted about our fun cousin day was just so I could document the funniest moment of the day. One of my sisters, who shall remain anonymous, displayed a look of utter HORROR as she glanced over at the pile of shoes we had removed to replace with bowlng shoes. I expected to see a big bug or even a mouse but I quickly realized why she had had such a strong reaction to the sight.

You see, the pair of shoes in the middle (you might not recognize it as a PAIR) were what she had worn to the bowling alley. She was mortified when she realized her mistake, but not half as mortified as her teenage daughter would have been if she had come bowling with us. (: We made fun of her for a couple of hours and made even
more fun of her when she ran home to change shoes before going to the Olive Garden.

I noticed she took awhile to pack up her stuff and return the bowling balls to the correct place. While the rest of us were anxious to remove the scary (both in sight and smell) rented bowling shoes, she was reluctant to part with them because it meant she had to put her mistake back on display. (:


Jamie said...

Was this at Inca lanes? Oh what a memory trip that would be. How fun. We are dying to take Trey bowling, we know he'll love it.
Also, who's baby belongs to whom? I love their names and they are all so pretty. :) I love new babies.

alison said...

That is so funny, is that Tina??? I love it. love the one of you and Ava watching the ball go down the lane. I need to take Kenz bowling, she has never been. Skyler went with scouts this past month and loved it!

mmg said...

This proud Grandma is very happy with all the gorgeous little ones. As for the shoes, maybe we can start a new fashion.

The Brewers said...

At least the shoes were close to the same would have been sad if they were, say, blue and pink! Now that would have been funny!!!

p.s. natalie...i need your email address and phone #!! thanks!

PEHNelson said...

I am also guilty of this! I wore two different black shoes to work!! They still laugh about me there!

Lindsey J said...

A. I love you all
B. I love Tina the most - for no particular reason, of course, not implying that is was her feet in those pictures.

JonECat said...

RoRo, long time no see. Hope things are going well for you. Let me know next time you are near Gilbert so we can hang out like the old days.


Kare said...

I'm laughing so hard I'm crying! At least she has a nice pedicure. I love you Tina!! :-) P.S. I did that recently on a trip to Alberstons.